These Former Child Stars Are All Grown Up and You’ll Never Guess What They Are Up to Now!


These child stars made early names for themselves by appearing on the big or small screen. But even though it seemed like some of them had a career path that was set because they were just that talented or that cute, but not all of them chose to follow the path that led throughout the glitzy streets of Hollywood. Click through to see if you will be seeing your favorite child stars back in front of the camera anytime soon or if you might be more likely to see them in front of a classroom.

Alisan Porter

Alisan Porter was the adorable little girl in Curly Sue, Parenthood and Stella. Her infectious smile made her a sought after child star. But she eventually found her place on the stage, appearing in several Broadway plays. In 2009 she found a passion in singing and released a solo album. In 2016, she appeared on The Voice and was announced the winner of season 10.

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