Politicians With Disgustingly Nice Homes

Politics used to be considered as a public service, something you did for the good of your city, state or country. But for some politicians there seems to be more that they get from entering the political sphere than following a calling to help the people of their community. Some of the politicians on this list were wealthy before they entered politics, some got their wealth through their political endeavors (and the book deals and lobbying that followed) and married into money. It makes you wonder who some politicians are working for when they would rather live in their own home because the mansion provided to them as part of their position (as governor or president) is too much of a step down for them to tolerate. Take a look at homes of some of the United States’ wealthiest politicians.


Donald Trump


When it comes to politicians with nice homes there are none that can really hold a candle to the luxurious penthouse that is inhabited by Donald Trump. His penthouse takes up the top three floors of his New York towers and it is decorated in Louis XIV style. Everything is decked in 24 karat gold and opulence and just like any one who believes himself to be king, there are framed pictures of Trump throughout the home.

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