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15 Family Photo Fails

Everyone loves taking family pictures – something for posterity! But sometimes, things go terribly, terribly wrong… 1 Let’s All Jump!   Everyone jump! someone said, but sadly, the little girl didn’t get the message.

15 Cutest Household Pets

For many people, pets are a part of their family. Take a look at the cutest companions! 1 Baby Goat Just look at this little darling! Wouldn’t you love to have on in your garden? Just be careful, they do grow up!


10 Must-Haves In The Modern Kitchen

Today, pots and fancy knives don’t cut it anymore. The modern kitchen needs the newest gadgets and devices that let you cook like a master chef, serve wine like a sommelier and make everything that much more fun. Ever used your iPhone in the kitchen? Well, now you can! From controlling your meat’s temperature to

10 Household Items That Can Harm Your Family

    It’s a nightmare for all parents – what if the toddler manages to get her hands on the pot of scalding hot water? What if he falls and hits that really sharp edge of the table? As many are aware, household accidents happen and can cause serious injuries. We might think it looks

15 Items That Can Save Your Family’s Life

Nowadays, we have a huge number of devices and gadgets around us that are supposed to make our daily lives easier. It’s what we’re most focused on, our normal day-to day life – but what if something serious happens, one of the things we’d rather not think about? A fire, a burglary, a child disappears?