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These Former Child Stars Are All Grown Up and You’ll Never Guess What They Are Up to Now!

These Former Child Stars Are All Grown Up and You’ll Never Guess What They Are Up to Now!

These child stars made early names for themselves by appearing on the big or small screen. But even though it seemed like some of them had a career path that was set because they were just that talented or that cute, but not all of them chose to follow the path that led throughout the

Politicians With Disgustingly Nice Homes

Politics used to be considered as a public service, something you did for the good of your city, state or country. But for some politicians there seems to be more that they get from entering the political sphere than following a calling to help the people of their community. Some of the politicians on this


Where Are Your Favorite 70s Celebrities Now?

The 70s gave rise to some of the greatest actors the Hollywood stage has ever seen. Actors and Actresses that graced the big and small screen to delight audiences for years to come. Some of these stars are still highly sought after today, while others have retired or faded into obscurity. Click through to see

15 Dinge, die Ihrer Familie das Leben retten können

Heutzutage umgeben wir uns mit allen möglichen Geräten und Vorrichtungen, die uns den Alltag leichter machen sollen. Darauf richten wir unser Hauptaugenmerk, auf unseren ganz normalen Alltag. Was aber wenn etwas nicht Alltägliches geschieht? Etwas ernstes, etwas von den Dingen, über die wir am liebsten gar nicht nachdenken möchten? Ein Feuer, ein Einbruch, ein Kind

15 Home Installation Fails

Doing basic home installations yourself is a great way to save money – but it can lead to dangerous situations and expensive repairs when you do it wrong! Read on to avoid the most common mistakes.   1 Leaking air ducts   When home owners install air conditioning units themselves, they often overlook one or